God Save the Food, Milan


Firstly I need to state the awesome name of this restaurant, which, funnily enough one of the venues is actually located in front of a church. Secondly, I certainly need to state that the food here is absolutely insane. With three main restaurants (one only opened recently) and a food truck, GSTF combines a variety of different tastes and dishes from all over the world. A contemporary, post industrial vibe with a casual chic feel is their newly opened restaurant in Via Bellotti. 


As soon as we arrived we were greeted straight away by all the staff, and we shown to our table. The lay out was very particular as some tables were intimately hidden in a booth-like space. What really caught my eye was the black marble tables coupled with the neon lighting that created a very interesting atmosphere. The waiter brought us an aperitivo including a non alcoholic drink ( due to  my antibiotics I was off alcohol for a week), and  a range of nibbles such as crudités, bruschetta bread, tomatoes, focaccia (insanely delicious), olives and nuts. This was the perfect welcome and start to a great dinner. Other delicious appetisers include the hummus, babaganoush and guacamole with the first two being served with pitta bread and the guac with nachos! In terms of drinks, start your meal with a lovely bubbly or, if you're craving something healthy and non alcoholic then try one of their juice combos! 


When the kitchen opened at 7PM it was time to choose our meal, and the waiters recommendations were one of their wok specialities, so we chose the octopus wok [€15] made of octopus, mushrooms, kale and a special soy sauce. We also wanted to try something fresh so we opted for the avocado and tuna tartar [€15], and the avocado salad [€15] made with avocado, grilled king prawns, sunflower seeds and an incredible cumin dressing [made with lemon juice, olive oil, cumin and a drizzle of honey] on the side. You can tell the ingredients have all been carefully chosen to create an ensemble of flavours and textures. I cannot stress how delicious the tartar was, the smoked tuna almost melt in your mouth  and the cumin sauce in the salad was addictive. 


The menu is extensive so if you are feeling for something more "italian" then they have numerous pizza and focaccia options to accommodate your taste buds. Starting of course with the classics, you can opt for the Napoletana[€12], Marinara [€7] and Margherita [€8] ; or you have more original options such as Salsiccia e Friarielli [€12] made with sausages, broccoli rabe and smoked provola cheese, or the Vegetariana [€12] made with artichoke cream, olives, mushrooms and mozzarella. Of course there are other options in case you were fancied something healthier such as roast beef served with rocket salad, tomatoes and a tartar sauce [€14] or a typical Italian Crudo e Bufala served with tomatoes and basil [€13]. 

The deserts certainly deserve a separate paragraph as they were something from another world. I am not usually one to order deserts after my meal but in this case we did and I couldn't have asked for more. The waiter brought us a berry coulis cheesecake and a tiramisu beautifully presented in a glass jar. The cream cheese in the cheesecake had such a light and fluffy texture with no overpowering flavours and the biscuit base was a soft crumble. The mixed berry coulis on top added the perfect amount of sweetness to it. The tiramisu on the other hand, well... I can assure you have never had a tiramisu like this one: the coffee wasn't too strong, the cream was soft and light and the sprinkled cacao powder on top created a delicious combination of flavours. Honestly no matter how much room you have left after your meal, the desert has to be ordered or you will be missing out! 


All in all if you come here for dinner you are guaranteed an all round unforgettable experience from the staff (a special mention to Andrea who was so patient and attentive) to the excellence of the food. Brunch, Lunch, Aperitivo or Dinner, whether a casual catchup or a romantic date GSTF is your place to go. 


Address & Contact Numbers: 
Via Tortona 34, Milano -  +39 02 8942 3806
Piazza del Carmine 1 - +39 02 2222 9440
Via Bellotti 2 - +39 02 38268602

Opening Hours: