El Perro y la Galleta, Madrid

El perro y la Galleta

This was the first (and second) restaurant I came to when I arrived to Madrid. I was staying in the hotel called Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII and the restaurant is located at a ten-minute walk from this hotel in Calle de Claudio Coello 1. The funny story is that I was not used to the Spanish 10PM dinner rhythm so when we first went to the restaurant to book a place they said they were completely booked up for a week. After a while they said they had space at 7.30 and we had to leave by 9PM (as if that was a problem). It was perfect, because of course people start coming to dinner at 9PM in Spain, and as I was still in the English rhythm 7.30 was on point; so we booked it for two nights in a row.

El perro y la galleta has a classic, old English-style décor with an abundance of wood and vintage objects such as mirrors, bookcases, old radios and candlesticks. This is partly why I love the place, as it is so unique and original that you feel as if you’re in a wonderland.

El perro y la Galleta

The food is the main reason as to why I love this venue, as it is so varied and everything is so delicious. You can start your meal with a tuna tartar with mango, avocado, ginger, chiecken fingers coated in biscuit, sesame and two dips or something lighter such as grilled artichokes with garlic and parmesan. The pricing on the starters are slightly more expensive than your average Spanish restaurant (9.50 euros-17.50 euros) but it is absolutely worth it. I tried the rice with mushrooms and wild asparagus (which is an enormous portion), Cod Mexican tacos with guacamole, coriander and pico de gallo and the Cod fish “Pil-Pil” style with ratatouille. All three dishes are delicious however the Cod Mexican Tacos were my favourite, the cod was beautifully cooked in a light batter and the guacamole complimented the fish exquisitely. If you are not into fish then there are may meat options such as Grilled fillet mignon with truffled smashed potatoes and Mexican tacos with marinated pork, pineapple and coriander. The deserts are out of this world. I tried the Apple crumble, ice cream bisquit, white chocolate sauce and vanilla, which words cannot even describe.  To book your table you can reserve directly through their website: http://www.elperroylagalleta.com

El Perro y la Galleta

Located in Calle de Claudio Coello, 1