Cocotte, London


Having recently bought my new camera all I wanted to do is take it for an adventure and explore the beautiful area of Notting Hill. The problem is I tend to get too lost in my photography and before I knew it has got well past lunch time so I was desperate to find a quick and easy place that served delicious and quick food. 

I remembered having a look through various blogs aiming to find a perfect little eating spot around Notting Hill. One of my fellow bloggers FreydeFleur [this is her blog here ] wrote about Cocotte in her blog and it really drew me in. Not only because her writing is super awesome but also because the photos of this little restaurant made it look like the ideal place to have lunch in. 

The first impression you get about the restaurant is Modern. There is something about the atmosphere which is very new and rustic – it is not your typical restaurant. It is essentially the boutique to the high street, meaning that it is that special restaurant, well decorated and not known by many. 

Cocotte London

Cocotte is a healthy chicken rotisserie opened up by a group of Parisian friends who thought to bring us tasty, healthy chicken dishes available to eat in and to take away. Their chicken is from afree-range farm in La Chapelle d’Andaine in France. They marinate the chicken for 24hours in a combination of secret herbs and spices which really leave the chicken tasting succulent.

It is not a very spacious restaurant as you have the kitchen as an open plan into the main eating room which adds to the experience as you can closely watch how your food is being processed. The restaurant is a warm, cosy and intimate venue ideal for a catch up with a friend or a quick lunch-break. The interior is London chic with white wooden tables, marble countertops and a brick wall.

The daily Menu includes 3 chicken sizes: whole chicken £22, half a chicken £12, a quarter of a chicken £7 and a range of homemade sauces for £1 which add flavour to your dish. I shared a whole chicken with the garlic mayo sauce which was a delicious combination. To add to your meal, Cocotte does a variety of sides and salads. Two sides in particular struck my fancy: the Fernande which is barley, pomegranate, feta cheese, baby salad and spring onions or (the one we picked) and Raymond which is quinoa, bulgur, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, peas and dried grapes. They have a variety of other sides that include mac & cheese, ratatouille and green salads.  A part from the chicken you also have a variety of other options such as salads as a main-size portion for £9-11 and you chose your toppings.

Cocotte London

Their deserts also sound delicious, but I am more a savoury than a sweet person so I filled up too much on my main to be able to consider a desert. However their choice of mocha sounds like a perfectly refreshing way to end your meal.

We were lucky enough to find a table as we entered just as one table had almost finished, but if you are thinking about going I would recommend you reserve a table online :