Angelina al Testaccio, Rome


Angelina is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Rome. It is located in the Testaccio quarter which is one of the most historically important areas of Rome. The Emporium port in the Testaccio was once the main entrance to all the goods arriving into Rome, adding importance to the quarter. It’s one of very few areas that have managed to maintain it’s historical character though many antique remains which are still visible throughout the district. Over the years, it has become more and more elegant and popular amongst the Romans. 

The Testaccio is also very famous for its authentic Italian Pizzerias with extremely blunt waiters that shout all the time. Angelina however is more chic compared to the other Pizzerias in the area, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Maintaining it's traditional Italian Pizzeria concept, it still holds an outdoor wood oven to bake the pizzas in, but it is the elegant decor of the restaurant that creates a classy atmosphere. In spring & summer, the rooftop terrace is open allowing you to eat al fresco, but during winter you will be accommodated inside in a spacious, minimalistic room decorated with various interesting objects. It also has some traditional furniture such as butcher working tables and antique dining tables. The terrace is my favourite space as is decorated with an abundance of lemon and olive trees the fresh air creates the perfect ambiance during a warm summer evening.


To reach the main area of the restaurant, you have to walk through a little entrance [picture above] which I find absolutely adorable. With seats where you can sit and have a glass of wine whilst you wait for your table. The staff is always very welcoming, attentive and incredibly polite. Even on busy days they will try to seat you, however due to its popularity I would recommend booking just in case. 

One of the best parts of Angelina is their large wood fired oven in which they create the most spectacular barbecues and pizzas. The menu is traditional but with an addition of interesting recipes. It varies from traditional pasta dishes such as Amatriciana, Gricia and Carbonara but also various less traditional recipes.  As for the barbecue, they have a large variation of steak cuts, burgers, sausages, lamb chops and pork liver. They also have a large variety of Fish specialities such as Fried codfish fillet with mayonnaise or Spaghetti with octopus cooked in wine with ricotta cheese, and of course, the one and only pizza. 

At lunch, their menu varies slightly and is more reduced than dinner. When I came for lunch, I opted for Pasta all'Amatriciana, one of my favourite Italian specialities. The pasta is usually bucatini with tomato sauce, guanciale and pecorino cheese. They bring the pasta in a huge bowl which adds a unique and memorable aspect to the restaurant. 


In terms of desert, they always have the most delicious selection. Options include chocolate fondant, crème brulée and many more. 

I always have the best experience when here as I am in a very friendly environment, I am always treated to the best pasta in the world accompanied by delicious wine, and to top it all off the price is medium-ranged compared to the high quality of the restaurant itself.

Angelina has two locations in Rome, the one at the Testaccio, Via Galvani, 24a which is the one I go to usually, and also on near the Trevi fountain in Via Poli, 27.

For booking or for any other information, take a look at their website