Soulgreen, Milan


Looking to visit somewhere completely unique? Wanting to Immerse yourself in a gorgeous and atmospheric restaurant whilst eating some of the most divine healthy meals you will ever try? Vegan or Intolerant and looking for somewhere with a wide variety of options for you ? Then you must come here to Soulgreen, a vegan paradise that will no doubt give you an all round amazing experience. 


In terms of the decor, soulgreen is an aesthetically beautiful location with beautiful plants hanging from the ceiling and lights made out of old glass plates and glasses. The wooden tables [made with scraps of wood] paired with various coloured chairs create a lovely casual atmosphere. Plastic is non existent in this restaurant as they take great pride in preserving the environment, so as you can see from the pictures water is pumped through filters and served in ceramic jugs. Furthermore you order via a samsung tablet to make service easy and speedy. 


The food is another thing the restaurant takes great pride in. They want to better the vegan experience in Milan, reinventing the concept of veganism as something exciting and worth visiting. Their bowls are their speciality, using a combination of ingredients to create something unique and exciting. The Italian bowl is certainly worth a try; it is made up of caponata, pesto, peppers, tomatoes and an interesting vegan "omelette" called cecina. They have a Lebanese bowl made of falafel, hummus and quinoa or a Thai Bowl. Other delicious options include their gluten free noodle pasta with pesto or aubergine and tomato sauce. We ordered the two and I must say I was surprised by how great they tasted, especially the vegan pesto considering parmesan is usually one of the main ingredients! In terms of more substantial mains, Soul green has reinvented the burger using a combination of unique ingredients such as black beans, brown rice and nuts; beetroot, quinoa and red rice or chickpeas, spinach and various spices. The food rates a 10/10 on taste, uniqueness, presentation and its super healthy! 


Soulgreen dinners have a slightly different vibe from their lunches, as the restaurant gains a more intimate and luxurious feel coupled with more elaborate dishes. If you're a truffle lover like me then I would highly recommend their potato croquettes with mushrooms and truffle or a vegan take on the rogan josh curry! 

As for the deserts, what more can you want? this raw cocoa and avocado mousse is incredibly creamy, light and low calorie. I still find it hard to believe that it is literally made with only two ingredients that have been whisked together to create this beautiful light texture! There is also the sugar-free ice cream which is the perfect post-meal palette cleanser or you can opt for their beautifully presented fruit salad. Also the biscuits you can see in the photo below were something out of this world - both the coconut balls and the cookies are clearly butter and milk free;  made with vegan substitutes, I must have eaten about five, they were absolutely wonderful! 


In terms of drinks, Soulgreen has a variation of juices and detox shots you can chose from, as well as your usual teas, coffees, vegan wines and vegan beers. We opted for the Incredible Detox Red, made with beetroot, spinach, apple and green tea. 

 Another unique concept is their vegan cocktail bar! They serve numerous vegan friendly cocktails such as their vegan campari, negroni and more. 


Adress: Piazzale Principessa Clotilde Angolo Via Vespucci, 20124, Milano

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 12.00-15.00 & 19.00-23.00
Saturday: 12.00-16.00 & 19.00-23.00
Sunday: 12.00-16.00

Contact: +39 02 62695162 

Wifi: Free