My first post is all about documenting my incredible experiences in Lefkas, a beautiful island on the West coast of Greece. 

We arrived on Sunday and decided to take it easy after a 13hr ferry, so we drove down to Tsoukalades' own little beach. The beach was rocky, the water was very clean and there were about 5 people in total so it was very intimate and relaxing. After a swim we returned to the villa, showered and headed down to the local restaurant ‘Psaropula’ to eat and watch the Euro2016 football final.

The following day we woke up super rested and ready to explore a different part of the island. We took the car to Kathisma beach in Agios Nikitas. As we set foot on the beach, we were greeted by some girls who were promoting paragliding. Unfortunately heights and I have a very complicated relationship so I passed, but it is a very good idea for anyone who loves these activities. The price was €45 for 400 m and €89 for 600m. (You can book your paragliding here: http://www.lefkadaparagliding.gr). We rented two sunbeams and spent our day alternating between sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear, freezing cold sea. The beach is very popular but at the same time you can be sure to fall asleep without being disturbed by other people. 

In the evening we went to my favorite restaurant of the island in Nidri and it is called Ta Kalmia. (you can read about this exceptional restaurant here). The staff is attentive and rest assured that your happiness is their prime interest, unlike many touristy restaurants.  

On Tuesday we wanted to make the most out of our beautiful Villa so we spent all day food shopping so my boyfriend could make the most amazing barbecue on earth. We entered in almost every butchers, spice markets and vegetable markets in Lefkas town centre. When we got back to the villa, whilst he prepared all the different marinades, I spent the afternoon on the poolside falling asleep in the sun-  hard life huh. As the evening approached we watched the sunset and then the cooking began. I must say it was worth every effort, the meat was perfect, the marinade was full of flavour and spices and the meat was incredible tender. I will add the recipe for this exquisite barbecue soon.

Sunset in Lefkada

The day after we took a drive to Porto Katsiki, one of the most beautiful beaches I have been to. This beach is located 40 km from the town of Lefkas and many call this the Caribbean of Europe. It is surrounded by Ionian hills and it is only accessible by walking down 80 steps, however there is an accessible car park at the top of the steps. The tiny white pebbles contrast with the crystal clear blue of the water leaving you stunned with the quality of the beach. The earlier in the morning you go the less people you will find. 

Porto Katsiki

On Thursday we again decide to make the most out of the Villa so we spent most of the day swimming in our pool, enjoying the view and falling asleep on the sun beds. I have to admit; it felt like paradise! In the evening we went to a restaurant, highly rated on trip-advisor called Rachi. It is not possible to book for this place so I advise you go early, it is definitely worth-wile. 

They say that time flies when you're having fun. It is such a true saying, in fact we were too busy being comfortable and lying on beaches that we still hadn’t seen any of the surrounding historically important islands. Luckily because they are so important they are easily accessible: If you want to rent a boat, you can turn up to Lefkas town port or Nidri port and speak to the sailors who will give you some good offers on their boats. However as we did not have much time to waste we decided to take the dreaded tourist boat around the islands. Tickets cost 20 euros; it departs at 9.45 and returns at 18.30. There are three companies you can choose from, but they are all very similar: Macedonia Palace, Nidri Star and the one we chose: Eptanisos. In one day our itinerary was: Porto Katsiki, Egrenmi, Fiskardo (Kefalonia), Ithaca, Papanicolis Cave, Scorpio and Badouri. From a positive side, we managed to see so much beauty with just 20 euros, but on the other side, the boat was so full of people you can barely hear yourself think. 

Egrenmi Beach
Papilonis Cave

Saturday arrived and having saved the best till last, we made our way to Agios Nikitas and prepared for our hike to the wonderful Mylos Beach. I warn you, it is quite a hard walk under the sun so I would recommend you to go to this beach after a few days of getting used to the heat. The small white pebbles, the surroundings of the ionian mountains, a 180° view of the ocean, and the magical color of the water managed to leave me completely breathless. This beach is a must if you visit Lefkas. 

Mylos Beach
Mylos Beach

On our last night we had dinner in Lefkas Town, a small yet lovey area full of shops, bars and restaurants. It was the most lively town we had visited, so watch out for the tourist traps. We found a small, traditional restaurant in one of the alleys called Ey Zhn. The food was Greek amalgamated with mildly spicy flavours. Following our meal we took the time to explore this little town centre before heading back to our accommodation. 

If you are looking for a family holiday or a romantic get-away, Lefkada is definitely a good option to consider, The beautiful scenery, the not so populated beaches and the incredible food is a recipe to a perfect holiday.