Irene Forte: The entirely sustainable skincare brand

Our climate has become extremely unpredictable and it is no myth this is caused by the numerous polluting particles in the atmosphere. Although it’s highly unlikely this issue can be resolved in the short term there are various things larger industries can do to reduce the impact they make on the environment. The beauty industry plays a prominent role in pollution given the harmful particles a lot of products are made with, especially aerosols that are extremely dangerous for the air, and the use of non-recyclable materials for the packaging. Zero Waste reported that more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable and the majority of these items end up either in landfill or in our oceans, creating a detrimental hazard for our marine life. Figures from the UN report that if the rate of waste production continues, by 2050 our oceans will carry more plastic than fish, meaning that we need to act now. Fortunately the beauty industry is looking at ways to come up with more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives from the manufacturing to packaging, which is a great starting point.

Irene Forte

Sustainably bringing the Mediterranean diet to our daily beauty regime is Irene Forte, director of wellness at Rocco Forte Hotels and beauty entrepreneur, alongside Doctor Francesca Ferri of EffegiLab and her team of biologists and dermatologists in Trento, Italy. She said: “I was interested in wellness from a very young age. This started with fitness and healthy eating and developed a little later into beauty.” Inspired by the rich ingredients Sicily has to offer and all the active ingredients at Verdura Resort’s Organic Farm she brought the line to life with sustainability as a core pillar. Forte said: “We grow our own ingredients, handpick them, and make products by hand in small batches with these ingredients. Any ingredients that we cannot source from Sicily come from farmers in Trentino.” By producing all her skincare and beauty products in Italy, Forte is contributing to sustainability by reducing carbon footprint, an underlying aspect of sustainability a lot of companies in the fashion and beauty industry overlook. 

The cosmetics industry does contribute to pollution and drains many of our natural resources through the packaging of products, but we are moving towards an era where most brand ambassadors are putting a lot of persistence in researching for sustainable alternatives. Forte admitted that this was not an easy process, and it is certainly a more expensive alternative, but it appears she would have it no other way as “it is all for a good reason”. In fact, the manufacturing of her packaging is entirely environmentally friendly, from the jars and bottles that are made from recycled glass, to all outer packaging which is made from 100% recycled fibres with vegetable and soya-based inks. Forte added: “Consumers are more than aware of these facts and are becoming more and more conscious about the brands they use.” 

Irene Forte

Using about 16 of the finest Mediterranean active ingredients ranging from flowers, plants, fruits herbs and nuts in her skincare, Forte’s products excel in the exceptional benefits they have on our skin. Among the most popular of her range is the hibiscus night cream, an age-defying product formulated with hibiscus extract, known as the ‘botox plant’ which is loaded with Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help skin feel more toned and elasticated. One of Forte’s favourite ingredients is Prickly Pear, that is found in her face cream and is a plant-origin Hyaluronic Acid and the latest super food known to be rich in Vitamins K, E and C, giving your skin a rejuvenating feel. Irene Forte’s collection also comprises face creams and scrubs that target different areas such as exfoliation with almond and hazelnut granules, hydration with pomegranate extract and aloe vera juice and purification with rosemary and lavender water. It is incredible what properties certain plants and fruits have and it is not limited to beauty, so if nature is what’s best for us, we must ensure to protect it and nurture its growth rather than destroy it.