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Overcoming obstacles with Sophie Radcliffe

At the age of 27, Sophie Radcliffe left her 9-5 London job behind to embark on a journey of challenges. She exceeded all her expectations over the last few years having cycled 300km from London to Paris in 24 hours on nine occasions. She has also climbed the highest mountains in the eight Alpine countries whilst cycling between them and completed the Ironman challenge not once, but twice.

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Finding success in the face of tragedy with Fatima Bhutto

How openly would you be willing to speak about anxiety? Although it may not seem like it, everyone suffers from this at some point in their life but, for some reason, it is something that has not been spoken about enough. At Glamour’s empowerment series talk Fatima Bhutto said: “Everybody has it but when you’re suffering from anxiety you feel that you’re the only person who can’t do things.” She shed a light on this by relaying her own issues with anxiety and the ways to overcome them.

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