Birdie, Geneva

I have always preferred going out for brunch than dinner, therefore when I go somewhere new my priorities is to find perfect brunch spots before thinking about restaurants. London certainly set my standards quite high when it comes to brunches however a good avocado on toast shouldn't be too difficult to find. However the first café i ever went to in Geneva ended up costing me 15CHF for two coffees and one croissant. This came as an absolute shock after being in Italy where for two cappuccinos and a croissant would cost a maximum of 4 euros; Therefore I was convinced that going out for brunch in Geneva would just not be in the cards for me. 


Out of curiosity I started Instagram stalking brunches in Geneva and found a couple of good looking places. Birdie was the main one that really caught my eye. The food looked absolutely delicious and the interior seemed like a tranquil, aesthetically pleasing little place. I decided to try it out straight away with my friend from University. 

The café was very quiet, I’m not sure if it fills up on weekends, however luckily for us we found a table straight away without having to wait and we were able to chat without having too much background noise. 

The interior is composed of a casual, rustic design giving the restaurant a very warming and cosy ambiance. There are two separate rooms meaning they are both very spacious and have various tables to chose. This is positive because you do not feel overcrowded or under observation. 

The menu is quite limited as in you can chose between six food options, but every single option looks absolutely delicious (and they have a separate menu for cakes). Each option is very different, you can chose between a classic salmon and avocado on toast which is their signature dish, you can chose porridge, home made granola, a croque-monsieur, quinoa salad or a veggie wrap. Every single option is boosted with some different and interesting for example their croque-monsieur is made with Gruyere cheese (Swiss specialty) and mascarpone, Parmesan and ham. Although everything sounded tasty, we ended up by choosing their signature dish of avocado, poached egg and salmon on toast- it was served with two extra slices of toast and coffee butter. 

Birdie Geneva

Every bite of it was insanely delicious- I never wanted it to end. The salmon was so fresh and the egg was poached perfectly. One of my favorite parts of this dish though was the coffee butter I put on the toast. It is such a unique concept and it really complimented the rest of the dish. All in all It was full of flavor and it filled me up for hours - perfect!

Birdie establishes that all their food is made with local products. They assure that they have close relationships with all their suppliers and that they give privilege to products that have been labeled “Genève Region Terre Avenir”. It really makes a difference when a café establishes that all their products are local, it makes you feel at ease that their products are all fresh.

The drinks menu was also slightly limited but even then I found it very difficult to decide what drink to have. Apart from the classic espresso and long coffee (which they describe as smooth and mellow), they have aeropress and chemex. The aeropress is their preferred method of coffee making, to which the coffee comes out intensely flavored. The chemex on the other hand really intregues me and I will have to try it out some day, it is a drip coffee to be shared with 2/3 people. They then have the classic milky coffee options, hot chocolate, teas and fresh fruit juice. We chose freshly juiced apple juice which tasted incredibly fresh – if you love apple juice I strongly advice you try this. 

Birdie really excels and perfections their coffee. They make sure they carefully select their coffee from excellent coffee-merchants. They give a lot of value to the quality, the period of collection, the procession it goes through which I find highly essential when looking for high quality products. I have noticed that they use traditional Italian coffee machines meaning that the coffee they produce is of exceptional standards. 

Birdie also outstands themselves when it comes to their deserts. They have a wide range of options such as their cheesecake, an affogato (ice cream and coffee), carrot cake, chocolate or banana cake, and smaller options such as chocolate cookie, cannele and coconut rocher. They all looked splendid on the counter and I really must return to try the banana cake slice.

All in all the prices are very low (apart from their signature brunch dish) – therefore if you find yourself in Geneva do not hesitate to come here! 

Location: Rue des Bains, 40 – Genève.

Opening Times: Wednesday-Friday: 8AM-6PM - Saturday-Sunday: 10AM-6PM

For more information about this café check out their website :