Ramses Madrid

Ramses is one of the top luxurious restaurants in Madrid, located on the roundabout of Plaza de la Independencia. Many of my friends suggested to try this place before leaving the city, and so my friend and I booked a place for lunch. 

The restaurant devotes its quality both in the food and in the restaurant’s décor. Presented over three different areas, Ramses excels in decoration and presentation. The terrace outside is the most popular space, very classic and perfect for the summer nights. Suria is the elegant, romantic room with candlelit tables and finally the third area, where I had lunch is called Natsuki; which is very unique in a fun Japonese style. The walls have vibrant paint spatters creating a fun atmosphere for a casual lunch.


In terms of cuisine, the restaurant revolves around clean and healthy eating with high quality ingredients and flavour. Ramses is composed by three areas with three different cuisines; the main gastronomic restaurant called Suria, Laterraza that presents luxurious, high quality dishes and Netsuke, a mediterranean fusion and raw bar. Each of the three cuisines have their own specialities but what they certainly have in common is the attention to detail placed in the selection of the ingredients and in the presentation of the dish. Suria is an elegant lunch and dinner option with a variety of choices such as the traditional Iberian Cochinilo with mango and squash. Laterraza focuses on sushi and sashimi options and finally Natsuki, an intricately designed raw bar designed by Philippe Starck offers both raw and Mediterranean options. The Mediterranean recipes contain fresh ingredients that have been carefully selected by the chefs.

Whilst choosing for our main, the waiter brought us a selection of bread, olives and cheese, which was a perfect thing because I was starving. Something I will never get used to is eating at 3PM for lunch like the Spanish; I tried and ended up eating about 6 times a day. The menu contains a wide selection of sashimi and ceviches including raw scallops, prawns, tuna and salmon tartars. The one thing I remember about this restaurant is their care for presentation. Not only the design of the restaurant is mesmerising, so is the way they present each and every dish, with a careful selection of sauces, herbs and colours. My friend and I shared three dishes. As far as portions are concerned, three dishes to share in two is perfect  and there is always the desert option at the end. Similarly to the main dishes, the deserts are as intricate with a mixture of flavours that complement each other beautifully. I would suggest you try their mango sorbet with coconut foam and almond crunch, a beautiful compilation of flavours and textures which will leave you wanting more. 


As the bill came, you can expect it is not a restaurant for your usual every day meals, but every penny was completely worth it. Moreover, the staff was incredibly kind and attentive and if I had longer in Madrid I would for sure be returning here. The restaurant is frequently fully booked, especially at weekends so it is advised to book your table. To book a table, send an email to: info@ramseslife.com

Price range: you can expect to pay a minimum of 30 euros.
Best time to go: If you don’t want to be surrounded by too many people then from 12-14 it is generally very quiet, and same in the evening between 19-22 it is usually quiet. If you like the hustle and bustle then from 14-16 and from 22-24 you will find people!
Location: Plaza de la Independencia 4
Reservations:  info@ramseslife.com